Sunday, January 30, 2011

*knock knock*

I do believe by this point my blog-readers may be so long gone I can actually post things here. Whee.

So, yeah, what the fuck? I don't feel like doing ANYTHING anymore except sitting on the couch here playing vidgames and watching movies/television. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to go to work, I don't want to deal with housework, fuck, even personal hygiene. I haven't stopped showering yet, but, gods, it seems to be later and later in the day before I talk myself into getting clean. I just stepped out of the shower, in fact.

It's just the turn of the cycle, I suppose. But it's an effin' bummer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When Robots Attack

I don't know if anyone noticed, but, there've been a lot of adverts appearing in the comments section 'round here. Quite annoying. But, I'm here with good news! Blog's making a move. So, from now on, if you've any interest in new posts, you'll be able to find them at the following URL:

So, enjoy! That is all for now.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hoooly shit

It has been FOR-fucking-EVER. I keep meaning to come back to this and something happens, I get distracted, just somethin', y'know? But, I am still alive! I still have access to a computer! I'm still playing vidgames and watching movies! I'm saving up for a car, but, I suck at saving money and not buying stuff to make me feel better, so, it's slow. I've been working, whee for gas stations, but, I am apparently DA BOMB at it, which is not necessarily a great thing. But I've been working at the one right by my house while I'm waiting for the new store to open, where I will then go to work. Visiting my darling girlfriend, Miss Jess'ka, whenever I can. With any luck we'll even be getting an apartment together soon, which would be rad. I miss her whenever she's not around. But, yeah. Random news! I've grown quite fond of Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey. Mmmmmm. But, hopefully I'll be posting some new stuff more frequently. I'm not sure what yet. Some review stuff, maybe? I dunno, there's a lot of stuff I'm trying to get around and settled in life, so, working on reviews and things of that sort kind of take a backseat. As is apparent with the nigh shutdown of my YouTube account. A complete lack of activity. For which I am sad. But, I am trying, so, whee, let's all cross our fingers!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two in one night, oh joy!

I worry that anything I say or do may influence the way people talk to me and the things people say to me. It's the reason I tend to keep a lot of complaints and opinions to myself.

Like, I'll say something, express some opinion, and from then on whomever I was speaking with or around when I said whatever will think to themselves, "Oh, well, I'll just keep this to myself from now. I won't mention it to him."

I don't want that to happen. I worry about that happening.

An opinion about an argument.

So, let's have us a little chat.

About abortion.

Okay, not really about abortion. About a particular argument oft used when arguing about abortion:

"You don't get to have an opinion on this because you're not a woman."

First of all, fuck you. You may not feel that my opinion is valid, because I'm a male and thus can not actually birth a child. You're welcome to feel that way. But don't tell me I can't have a gods damned opinion. I can have an opinion about anything I want.

On that note, I often do have an opinion on anything and everything.

Do I think men should be making final decisions on the topic of abortion? Oh, hell no. For the same reasons I'm told I can't have an opinion. No man should be telling a woman whether or not she must have a baby. But he can gods damned well have an opinion on the matter.

Y'ever notice how that particular proclamation generally only comes about once a woman' run out of clear, valid arguments? Or come to a point they can't really disagree with or argue against? Yeah.

It's akin to when your 'rents would tell you, "Because I said so!"

It just irks me. There is no good reason why I can't have an opinion on the matter. And, as far as I'm concerned, no reason why my opinion is not as valid as the majority of women out there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Inebriation and Paranoia

Allow me to preface this by saying that, with the exception of the post made on the seventh, nothing recently has really been about anyone specifically. Except for this preface, which is really to mein Jess'ka and mein chickadee. =P No one did anything that upset me and sent me on a blogging spree. Promise.

On that note, though, it's not so much that I get particularly upset about people getting drunk, unless it's something that occurs often. It's just that I'm paranoid. And it's not even necessarily that I'm worried about a drunk friend doing something, it's as much that I'm worried about something being done to them, ya dig?

Also, this is a good time to say that this mostly applies to when they're drunk and I'm not there with them. If I'm there, aussi, I feel more secure and I feel more like I could help. I could maybe stop them from doing something stupid and hurting themselves or help them if a situation arose in which they needed help. So, that concept, idea, thing applies to both this and my last entry on inebriation. If I'm there, I'm far less concerned about it.

But, where was I? Oh, yes, my paranoia. Right, I worry a lot. Like, a whole lot. Irritatingly so. I worry about absolutely retarded things happening. And, as stated in the last one on a similar topic, bad things are more likely to happen when a person is inebriated. It opens certain windows of opportunity. And I'm quite the paranoid motherfucker. I realize, in rereading it and based on responses to it, that it seems I'm placing all kinds of negativity on drunk people. "Ohhh, you're drunk, you're a bad person and you're going to do terribly, awful, bad things." It's not that at all. Okay, that's not true, that's part of it. But, far more of a concern on my mind is "Oh, you're drunk, blackouts/passouts are quite likely. You may get hurt." So, while I worry about whether or not a person may make a bad decision [and believe me, there's a particular concern there, remember, trust issues], I'm far more worried about whether or not something bad is merely going to happen, whether it's the drunk person's decision or not.

And all of that, to say again, is really only when I'm not there, aussi. When I can't know what's going on.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Death of An Angel.

An Angel was born the seventh of February, 1981.

An Angel died the sixth of July, 2009.

I had ideas when I opened Notepad of what to write. I don't anymore, though. Part of it is I don't necessarily feel like I have any right to say anything. Inqy's husband and daughter are certainly in far worse pain than I am. Inqy had much closer friends who are certainly in far worse pain than I am.

Then, there's the point that I haven't talked to her in a long while. Largely because of a very petty move on my part which I don't even know if she was aware of occuring. And to that point, I don't even know if she remembers me at all. Or ever thought about me. And I didn't make much of an effort to contact her too often because I assumed she did not, had not. I assumed she was better off without me bothering her.

But, when I heard about her death last night, the news rendered me in such a state that I could not explain to my Jess'ka why I was crying because I was having difficulty speaking.

In short, I am conflicted.

And here I am, again, unsure what to say.

Today has been strange. No one I interact with on a day-to-day basis, excluding when I sign in come evening, knows who Angel Yates is. They don't know that this delightful, funny, terrifically talented artist died yesterday morning. They don't know how many people are hurting from this. A human being copes better if they have someone with which they can share their pain because they feel it, aussi. Hence the existence of funerals and wakes. I do not have this. Luckily, I am well-equipped to handle myself. But it makes the day strange.

There is a memorial service in Sarasota, Florida, on the eleventh of July, 2009, for an Angel who died. It is impossible for me to be there to pay my respects in person. But she will be missed terribly by many people. She was a wonderful friend while I had the honor. My best wishes go to Roley and Jubee in her absence.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Inebriation and Trustworthiness

Let us take a moment and consider a correlation betwixt inebriation and trustworthiness, insofar as I am concerned.

My trust can sometimes be finicky. At least, in how I decide whom to trust and how much to trust them. It would be incorrect to say that it is difficult for me to trust people, because there are some instances where I feel comfortable enough to trust someone nigh entirely nigh immediately. But, it would also be incorrect to say that I trust people easily. There are some instances where I never trust a person. It's case-by-case, and largely a subconscious decision, to begin with. It can be altered by actions in the course of a relationship, usually to the detriment of my level of trust in the person.

Alcohol. Can be tasty, but, too much can cause a lowering or utter lack of inhibitions. Or, substandard judgment. Perhaps one could go so far as to say alcohol lowers morality? However you phrase it, it does that for a time. A relatively short period of time; a day at most.

But, in that period of time, my trust in a person, even if it's utter and nigh complete, dwindles to nothing. I do not feel I can trust someone to be the person I know. I do not feel I can trust someone to not hurt themselves. I do not feel I can trust someone to not hurt other people. I do not feel I can trust someone to remain faithful.

And that's the correlation betwixt inebriation and trustworthiness. As level of inebriation rises, level of trustworthiness lowers. As far as I am concerned, anyway.

And that's one problem I have with people getting drunk. I'll have to explain what constitutes being called drunk in my opinion, as opposed to tipsy and all that, since it seems to differ person to person. But, that'll have to be another time.